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Thank you for choosing American Bulk Herbs to supply your requirements!

Important - placing an order with  us requires that you accept the following terms and conditions.

All products are dried: whole, cut and sifted or powder.


C/S -
Cut and sifted. Please note cuts range from large - rough cut  to fine. PWD - Powder.


Some items in our webstore are seasonal, supplies vary and may stock out at any time.

Wholesale only

Retail level customer care is not available. We do not offer any advice regarding usage.

You are completely responsible for usage of products that you order. If you are experimenting
or unsure if a product will work for you,  please seek an alternative supplier set up for guidance, small quantities and liberal return policies.

No claim whatsoever is made for actual suitability, purity or appropriate usage for any material. Vendor disclaims any liability incurred in connection with the use of this information or the material itself. All precautionary labels and notices should be researched independently of our notifications, read and understood by all supervisory personnel before using any product.

Order acceptance

Calculated international online shipping amounts may be modified to some countries, if your order includes a whole/ cut leaf / cut root product / multiple items, because actual carton size may be larger (dimensional weight) or minimum freight charges by a carrier to that nation.  You may receive a request to cover additional shipping.

Special quantity quotes and online checkout invoices are valid for the day issued. Prices may change at anytime.

Please check your order before remitting payment, we are not responsible for errors.

We may choose for any reason to forgo transactions through certain nations, companies or individuals.

Only confirmed business shipments to Mexico, we may request wired payments if your address cannot be confirmed.

Australia and New Zealand - we may request wired payments if your address cannot be confirmed,  orders may require a signed release for customs. American is not responsible for seizure, refusal, returns or re-shipment.

Orders from some countries including Ukraine, Russia, China, Italy, Bulgaria and Romania must have confirmed address that matches credit card billing and shipping address.

No drop ships, with some exceptions if we have a business history with you.

No overnight orders.

Quality guarantee

We do not warrant a specific physical shape, color, taste, characteristic potency, or characteristic  aroma for any product. It is recommended to place a 1lb order of the
products that you need before requesting a large amount.

American's product list includes natural, cultivated, organic and wildcrafted items, in most cases we can provide certification or specification sheets for 25lb lots /pack size or larger. We strive to source products without fillers, and to the best of knowledge without treatment by synthetic pesticides or irradiation.

Lab testing

Independent lab testing for specific / broad spectrum analysis is available. Please email us for details.

Packaging Labels

We provide plain wholesale packaging only. Packing labels for all individual products less than 25lbs specify product description and pack date only.


Some powdered items may be double bagged to withstand pressure changes in air freight
or to mitigate other freight damage. Recycled shipping cartons are used whenever possible.


If you have an account with purchasing history, processing and shipping fee is $12.95 per sample, otherwise there is a $25 processing fee per sample. Sample fees are credited to your subsequent order,  if you purchase a minimum of  25lbs or standard pack size  of the same sample lot within 15 calendar days of the sample shipment to you. 

Fastest, simplest way is to order samples online. Certificate of Analysis (COA) and specification sheets available on request for most items ordered at 25lbs or over, and must be requested before you place an order; Please ensure you request documents before ordering, we do not supply COA's after order delivery.

Special stock

American often carries multiple stocks of the same herb, prices vary from online listings. We maybe be able to special order limited amounts of normally out of stock items.

Price quotes and website errors

Prices are good for the day, unless otherwise confirmed in writing. Our web prices may contain update errors, in such an event, your remittance will be refunded.  All prices are subject to change at any time.

Payment  - Google checkout /  Paypal  /  USPS Money order

As a security policy, we do not accept credit cards over the phone or keep credit card numbers . All credit card processing is handled by either Google or Paypal through their secure connection.

In some instances, American may apply additional credit and security verification to payment instruments to protect clients, which may cause shipment delays. With qualified exceptions in writing, American only ships to confirmed addresses supplied by Paypal or Credit Card issuer. Please ensure your address is updated.

All orders ship prepaid. American only offers extended 15/30 day terms to Federal, Local Government Agencies and Universities.

We accept  credit cards through Square and Paypal, money orders, cashier checks and wire transfers. We trade in $
US. We trade in Euros by arrangement. Should you wish to use a CREDIT card outside the Paypal system, select "Will send payment", you will be emailed a secure credit card invoice via GOOGLE, payment is due within 5 days, your actual delivery prices is subject to change and may be impacted by market conditions.

If you wish to send  USPS Money order and Cashiers checks (USA only) :

Please make payable to " American Bulk Herbs" and mail with a copy of your order to :

American  Bulk Herbs
Box 582411
Elk Grove, Ca. 95758

Changes and substitutions

American is a wholesale distributor, once you complete an order and need additional items, start a new order through our online system. We will do our best to combine shipment. We  are unable to accommodate product substitutions once an order is placed.

Nutrition Facts Labels

American wholesale labeling does not provide Nutrition Facts. If you need help with Nutrition Facts labeling we will to our best to assist, email us as soon as your order is complete, indicating portion size and important nutrient indicators.


As a wholesaler of commodity herbs and spices, American ensures quality at source. Our average inventory turn is less than 30 days, with a fewer than .01% return rate. In the event of order cancellation there is a 19% restock fee in addition to freight charges.

In the event there is a quality issue, please notify us immediately and within 48 hours of receipt to obtain an RMA number for your shipment. We will review and refund where there has been a quality issue. We do not cover return shipping charges. For multiple packages, all remaining items of the same product must be returned unopened.


We make every effort to ship orders in a timely manner within 5-7 business days. Where there is unexpected stock shortages, we will do our best to obtain fresh stock to complete your order, because we deal with specialty farmers and wildcrafters, in some cases, stock lead time can add 10-12 business days to delivery. Shipment tracking information is emailed to you.

Orders via UPS Ground. Other freight carriers options: USPS priority is processed with an additional flat service charge a fee of US$19.95- $295 will be added to your actual freight cost.

At American's discretion, USPS priority may be substituted for UPS for some small non expedited orders to enable faster transit times without additional fees to the customer.

In the event that a buyer misses / refuses delivery or does not pickup from a carrier office (Agent/ Trucker/ AIR CARGO/UPS/FEDEX/USPS) buyer is responsible for freight charges back to American Bulk Herbs. Such shipments are considered abandoned goods. There are is no refund for abandoned goods or shipping reimbursement.

You can insure your shipment against transit damage. In rare instances where shipments  are lost or damaged by the carrier, your only claim will be through freight insurance. We have no control over transit times or treatment.

International Customs Regulations

Our customers are fully responsible for understanding and implementing customs regulations.  Please ensure that you are permitted to import the products that you order. American is not responsible for freight seizure.

We serve a professional international clientele, abiding honestly and accurately with international customs regulations to avoid risk of seizure. All manifest components, declaration and value shall be 100% accurate.

We're here to help! Please send details to

Will Call

American does not offer will call or local pickup arrangements.

Ethical consideration

American understands the importance of product quality to your ultimate customer. Your success depends on consistent product integrity, so does ours.

We are very sensitive to your needs, whether 50lbs or 50,000lbs we strive to source the highest levels of quality, potency in all shipments.
We deal honestly with our suppliers, customers and community in every aspect of the business. American co-operates actively with international law enforcement agencies to protect its clients and suppliers. American encourages wildcrafted herb production, with clean, minimal processing. If you have a favorite North American agri source, farm or co-op that supplies herbs and spices, your recommendation is always welcome.

These terms are subject to change at any time and without notification.

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